Monthly Archives: February 2016


It was Valentine’s Day. I was sitting on my bed when she came in
my room and gently placed a rose in my hands, wishing me a very happy Valenyine’s Day. I couldn’t help but feel bashful. I just hoped that she hadn’t seen me blush. The aroma of that rose filled my room d309bd29b127436d7daea14d477b1eb2almost immediately. I felt as if it was the most scented flower in this world. With its scent so strong and powerful, I could hardly smell anything else in the room. The silkiness of the petals wouldn’t let my fingers stay on them. While I was busy with my rose, she began to narrate a story about the Valentine’s Day. She talked about how rose is the most beautiful flower in the world and that it is a symbol of love.I couldn’t help but wonder how strange the world was. How can just one flower be the most beautiful in this world? Why is rose the symbol of love? Out of all the flowers in this world, how can humans see beauty in just one of them? Are they that stupid!
It’s strange how easliy we have objectified beauty in our world. Quite often the people who come to visit me, ask me about her. Well, almost ninety percent of the time I am at a loss of words to describe her.

For me, she is my rose. A symbol of love and a person who radiates beauty. Whenever she is with me, everything around me turns beautiful, just like magic. I can sense the baeuty in the smell of fresh air, sound of the swaying trees, chirping of the birds and the melody of her voice even when she scolds me. Her touch feels like sunshine on a gloomy rainy day and warmth in the winters. Everything about her is beautiful.

If only I could see the colour of her eyes and the glow on her face when she smiles. All I see is darkness everyhwere but in HER, I find my LIGHT.