Amber had become a regular at The Jamie’s.

She sat in her usual spot, right beside the window, with her usual latte and chocolate cupcake. She had recently taken to writing. Every morning before the clock hit eight, Amber was at the café with her journal. She took the seat beside the window and kept looking at the passersby as she sipped her latte. What struck odd about Amber was that she always wore a white scarf around her neck. The scarf was pearly white in color just like her the colur of snow.  Anyone who would have seen Amber, would know that she was sad, that she longed for someone.

The waiters did try to cheer her up by writing her little notes and sketching some cartoon characters on them. She would smile when she read them but the smile was wiped off when she looked at her white scarf.

On one Sunday, as Amber entered the café, to her dismay she found that someone had taken her seat. She quickly, without wasting a second went up to the girl to ask her to take another seat. As she approached the girl, she heard whimpering and sobbing. Amber backed up a little. She felt hesitant to ask the girl why she was crying, thinking that it was too much work and she’d rather sit somewhere else to write her journal. As Amber was about to leave, the girl tucked at her dress, whispering,” Please, please…. Can you talk to me for a while?” Without saying much, Amber quietly sat down. The girl slowly lifted up her face to meet Amber’s eyes. With just one look, Amber knew what was wrong. She gently pressed on the girls hand and said that he wasn’t worth it. It is alright. The girl was taken aback. She had a perplexed look on her face. Her tears dried up and she sat upright and asked Amber how did she know that she was dumped without her even saying a word to Amber.

There was a sudden change in the atmosphere, instead of heartbreak and sadness there was curiosity occupying the space between the two girls.

Amber was now looking at the window as she began to narrate the story to the girl. She said,” Before you, he was with me. We dated for two years, we were happy together until things started to change; he started to change. There were lot of fights and crying involved. I was made to feel like trash, like I was the reason for all this, like I was the problem. I did believe that I had become the problem. I was dumped on Christmas Eve. The time when people all around the world wish each other ‘Happy New Year’, I was asked to get lost.  He said that he couldn’t handle things anymore that I was irritating and it was just too much for him. Things got so out of hand that I had forgotten who I was. I have cried on countless nights and begged for him to come back saying that it will better next time. None of that happened. I was lost, directionless, and helpless. I started coming to this café, this seat where you are sitting right now is where it had all happened. Just recently, I saw him go out with you. I watched you two share ice cream together, click pictures, have fun.” All this while Amber clutched on to her scarf as she spoke.

“He dumped me today saying that I was not good enough for him, that I was irritating and too much work.” , said the girl , as she began to sob uncontrollably.

Amber saw herself in that girl. She too, was like this about a year ago. The two girls bonded really fast and talked for hours about relationships, cats, food and how unicorns did exist just like the mermaids.

The sun had set, the mood shifted from gloomy to gleeful. The girls giggled and laughed as they stared at the empty latte cups.

Amber looked up to her and held her hand and said,” he is not worth it. Trust me. You’ll be fine, just give it some time.”

As she said this, she look off the white scarf, place it on the table, gave one last look to the girl, smiled at her and left.









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