Just like every other day, Brittany was on her way to the cliff, her usual spot since a month. It was a ten minute hike from the outskirts of the town. Britt enjoyed the hike, the cool breeze but her favourite was the sound of the ocean. She studied the waves very carefully as she sat there talking to her grandmother. The ocean reflected her mood. At times it was aggressive, at times calm, and just blissful to look at. Britt had recently lost her grandmother. “The pain will go away after some time. It will be fine.” Those words resonated in her head everyday as she passed by the houses of the neighbors. But Britt knew that the pain wasn’t getting any less as each day passed by. Every morning was a struggle to live; it was almost difficult for her to get out of the bed to reach for a glass of water. Britt’s grandmother always took her to the cliff, as the sun began to set and they talked about how life was or how James, Britt’s classmate always bullied her.
Recently even James had become awfully quiet. It was probably because of how sad Brittany looked all the time. He said that it wasn’t any fun pestering her because she wouldn’t react to anything that he did.
It was a beautiful and chilly autumn evening. Britt left her house to go to the cliff. As she was climbing , she heard someone crying, she quickly reached the top and to her shock, it was James. He sat there with his knees to his chest ,his eyes all red and puffy, crying as loud as he could. Britt slowly went upto him and asked him what was wrong. To her surprise, James pulled her in a hug, his embrace so tight that Britt thought she was sure to break a bone or two. There they sat, in the evening sun, talking to each other, pouring their hearts out to each other. James’s parents were going to take a divorce and it seemed that it was too much for him to handle. They talked for hours until finally it was too dark and both started for home, holding hands and secretly thankful to each other. Britt knew that day that she wasn’t alone. James squeezed her hand, reassuring her that he will always be by her side. All feel pain; few come forward to talk about it.
That day, two suicides were prevented. At times talking is a good solution.

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